Mark Wahlberg Heading Towards ‘Broken City’

mark wahlbergMark Wahlberg likes to play tough characters, this much we know. So, it makes sense that he would team up with Allen Hughes to play an ex-cop turned private investigator who winds up getting in too deep with a crooked mayor. Broken City just screams Wahlberg. Which is why he’s signed on to produce and star in the movie. It just makes sense.

As I mentioned, Hughes will be directing the film, though he’s normally one half of the Hughes Brothers with his twin Albert. They’re some pretty hardcore directors considering they’re responsible for The Book of Eli. And they also got Tupac sent to jail back in the ’90s. That’s pretty ballsy. Normally, I’d be a little underwhelmed at the thought of ANOTHER Wahlberg cop movie, but teaming with Hughes gives the movie a much-needed dose of potential.

Source: Deadline