Mark Wahlberg Revives His Action and Comedy in ‘2 Guns’

Mark Wahlberg

The latest on 2 Guns: Mark Wahlberg is adding this film to his action-comedy repertoire, while Wahlberg’s blood-brother David O. Russell and Vince Vaughn (wouldn’t he and Marky Mark have been great in this movie together?) are out of the project.

I was introduced to 2 Guns under the pretense that it would be a straight action film, and, despite my cynicism with the genre, was intrigued by the concept: a DEA agent and a naval investigations officer are both, separately, stealing money from the mob. Through a series of events that’ll probably be explained expositionally in the first fifteen minutes, each of the two men is forced to investigate the other, all the while making sure he, himself, doesn’t get caught. We’d find poetic justice, laden with a lot of windshield-kicking and grappling fights after guns are knocked out of hands and slide way across the floor and under the only immobile piece of furniture in the room.

But I soon came to understand that the film is actually an action-comedy, and all of my cynicism was lain to rest. And then it was put in a full-on coma when I heard that Wahlberg is attached. I’m not sure if my metaphor is clear enough or not, but that was supposed to indicate that this is a good thing. As if you didn’t already know.

Wahlberg flourished opposite Will Ferrell in The Other Guys: a send-up of the buddy cop trope. Now, I imagine he’ll top himself in this higher-stakes, enemies-at-odds action-comedy based on the graphic novel by Steven Grant. This should be a killer.

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Source: Indiewire