Mark Wahlberg Still Talking ‘The Fighter 2’

the fighterFirst, to get you caught up, check out the last time Mark Wahlberg talked about The Fighter 2.

Got it? Good. Now the good news is that he is still talking about it. Last night at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards (which is apparently a thing), he said “We’re not going to do Fighter 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, but we’re going to do 2. We’re going to do the Ward/Gatti trilogy.” Which is pretty much the same thing he said back in the beginning of March, just with a little more certainty fit in there. Now since he said this during his acceptance speech for ‘Guy Movie of the Year’ (which is apparently another thing), it has to be taken as fact. But since he didn’t say when they’re planning on starting or whether director David O. Russell will be returning, we have to assume that Marky Mark just forgot to write that on his note cards.

Source: Totalfilm