Mark Wahlberg Talks ‘The Fighter 2’

Mark WahlbergOh boy, this seems about right. Even an emotionally gripping film like The Fighter, which won multiple Academy Awards, isn’t out of the evil Sequel-bot’s choke hold. While on the red carpet at the Oscar’s, good old Mark Wahlberg dropped the news that he is talking about a potential sequel to The Fighter. Now, as much as I hate this idea, it is based in reality. Mickey Ward fought Arturo Gatti three times which would mean there could be a possible trilogy in the works, so it’s not like they’re returning to the well for another profitable dip. There is enough natural story to support another film. But whether they should or not is another issue. The Fighter is a well made, self-contained story that ends on a good note. Unless there is another GREATER (and true) story that happened later, why go back?

Meanwhile, none of the original cast has signed on. Wahlberg also has to film Ted for Seth MacFarlane and Uncharted for David O. Russell (who hasn’t boarded the sequel either) before returning to the ring.

Source: Extra