Mark Wahlberg To Fly In ‘The Crow’ Remake?

Mark WahlbergIs it too mean to hope that the role of The Crow is cursed and something bad happens to Mark Wahlberg? Yeah, I think so. After all, I don’t really have anything against Mark Wahlberg. He seems like a cool guy, a chill dude. Sure, he is the reason for Entourage, but he seems fairly decent enough. Besides, I’m still pretty certain he could beat me up and fold me in a mail slot if he got angry enough so we’ll refrain from the obvious jokes about remaking The Crow.

Anyway, it’s been 16 years since the original, which apparently is enough time for people to forget about it. The original starred Brandon Lee who tragically died on set. The film follows a guy who is resurrected by a crow after he and his girlfriend are murdered. He then sets out to avenge their deaths.

Directing the remake will be Stephen Norrington who has handled such gems as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. That movie was an absolute delight and deserved every one of its many, many accolades. It should also get special mention for putting Sean Connery into retirement. It also caused Emma Watson to start dating me even though we weren’t even teenagers at the time. But in non-sarcastic updates, Nick Cave, who is handling the script, is wicked and should write something totally awesome. For examples of his insanity please watch this when you’re not at work. Or around children. Or with people that you want to impress.

Source: Playlist