Marvel Looking At ‘Smallville’s’ Tom Welling For Undisclosed Film?

tom wellingDuring its ten year run, did anyone else forget that Smallville was actually about Superman? And somehow became the longest running sci-fi show in the United States? Both of these are quite shameful, aren’t they?

Anyway, would-be Man of Steel Tom Welling is now in talks with the other team, Marvel, about a possible role in one of their upcoming flicks, though no one is quite sure which movie that will be. Possibilities include Doctor Strange, Runaways, and Deathlok, which are all B (or C) string characters/titles that few outside of the local comic shop have heard of. I stopped being familiar with the current superheroes in film when they told me Jonah Hex was a comic and I asked if he had ever been on Conan.

Source: Fandango