Marvel Universe: News on ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Dr. Strange’, ‘Thor 2’, ‘Cap 2’ and ‘Nick Fury’

Iron Man

Imagine a big, block-lettered MEANWHILE… in the top corner of this post, as you are about to be privy to all of the Marvel Studios information that is underway. Below is an assembly of info on all of the developments regarding several in-the-works Marvel projects…

Iron Man 3 is said to begin shooting in Wilmington, NC this coming March, several weeks prior to previously reported schedule dates, which were set close to The Avengers release (May 4). Comingsoon reports that a source involved with the NC production has stated, “[Marvel] will have staff in Wilmington as early as mid-March, with shooting scheduled to begin the last week of April or the first week of May.” A Marvel Studios source confirmed somewhat nebulously, “It is not April for sure.”

The script for the developing Doctor Strange film has been completed by writers Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan The Barbarian, Sahara). A director is currently being sought. Production on the film is expected to begin this year, with a target release date in 2013.

Marvel Studios has set release dates for two other unspecified projects. One is Apr. 4, 2014, and the other is May 16, 2014. Thor 2 is set for Nov 15, 2013, ruling that out. Suggested possibilities include Captain America 2, which is shooting for production by the end of 2012, and Nick Fury.

Source: Comingsoon