Mary-Louise Parker Joins Ryan Reynolds in ‘R.I.P.D.’

Mary-Louise ParkerI guess it’s only natural when you hear about a movie that can be pitched with the phrase “Zombiecops,” to think about drugs. In walks one of today’s iconic figures in drug-related fiction, Mary-Louise Parker (who stars as Nancy Botwin on Weeds). Parker is in talks to join the cast of Robert Schwentke’s graphic novel-inspired film R.I.P.D., about a troupe of deceased police officers whose undead incarnations attempt to track down and take down the individuals who killed them.

Already cast in the film is a fun fleet of heroes: Jeff Bridges (who has wayward ghost written all over him), Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin Bacon, Parker will be in charge of explaining the nature of the ‘organization’ of these restless spirits to the newly deceased Reynolds.

Mary-Louise Parker has already made of herself a formidable television star. As Weeds has strayed far from what it set out to be (in very questionable, often disappointing ways), Parker maintains a quality of performance that never dips. All in all, if I was an ambiguous manifestation of existence post-murder, I’d feel a little more comfortable if she were around to tell me just how to deal with that.

Source: Variety