Matt Damon Casts Frances McDormand in Directorial Debut Opposite John Krasinski

Matt DamonMatt Damon + John Krasinski + Dave Eggers + Frances McDormand. It’s like somebody read my dream journal and decided to turn it into a movie. As you may have heard, Matt Damon has the directing bug. His first attempt will be a film he is writing with The Office‘s charming John Krasinski, who is also set to star. The two are developing the script based off an idea by the extraordinary novelist, screenwriter and superhero depot owner Dave Eggers, who co-wrote the scripts for Where the Wild Things Are and Away We Go, the latter of which starred Krasinski. Eggers also worked on the documentary American Teacher, which featured Damon as a narrator. So these guys are all pretty much best friends.

As if this triad of gentlemanly heroism was not enough, they’re calling in the mighty Frances McDormand, who consistently brings zest to the films of her husband: one half of the Coen Brothers. Damon has confirmed that McDormand will be joining the cast of the still untitled project.

So what can we expect from this amalgamation of brilliance? Well, all we know about the story so far is that it centers on a salesman (presumably Krasinski) whose arrival in a small town incurs an epiphany of sorts in him, provoking some life-changing choices. Any story stemming from an Eggers idea is going to dabble in the existential. Any performance delivered by Krasinski has got to have an appreciation for the subtle and introspective. And although we have yet to see what Damon does as a director, I think we’re all at least a bit optimistic. In any event, this is a project to keep our eyes on. I’d bet that zoo I just bought on it.

Source: Indiewire