Matt Damon In Most Expensive Chinese Film ‘The Great Wall’ Trailer


Where’s the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones when you need them?

The Great Wall of China is quite a marvel. It took 1700 years to build, it’s 5,500 miles long, and it was built to keep out monsters. Ok, that last part may not be true, it was actually built to keep out Mongolians and other invaders. In Universal’s newest film ‘The Great Wall’ creators have twerked the facts a little bit.

In Director’s Zhang Yimou (you may know him from directing the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony) twist on history, Monsters are attacking and it’s up to the stars of the film to defend. This is Yimou’s first Hollywood film and he’s using it as a way to really introduce the west to Chinese culture. Zhang has “western” actors including Matt DamonPedro Pascal, and Willem Dafoe, and the script is written by a Hollywood writer, but the director has brought his knoweledge of genuine Chinese elements like color, weapons, design, and authentic monsters to use.


The Great Wall comes out in the US on February 17, 2017.

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