Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Craig Robinson Join ‘Freaky Deaky’

Matt DillonMatt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Craig Robinson all joined to the cast of Freaky Deaky, the adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s crime novel from director Charles Matthau, according to Variety.

The story revolves around a Detroit cop in 1974 who finds himself pitted against a group of ’60s radicals plotting to bomb a limousine. Unsurprisingly, each actor is playing a role that looks exactly like a role they would play. Dillon will be a cop. Fraser will be a former hippie activist and current extremist. Robinson will be a former Black Panther (also an assistant to the character Woody Ricks, played by previously-cast William H. Macy). So all in all, these are really brave choices, you guys. Really brave.

Source: Variety