‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Might Be Casting ‘Doctor Who’ Star

Matt Smith, Doctor WhoBBC

As British actor Matt Smith prepares to hang up the bow tie and step out of the TARDIS one last time on Doctor Who, the rumor mills are spinning about his possible involvement in the upcoming Star Wars sequel.

According to Bleeding Cool, the soon to be ex-Timelord has met with J.J. Abrams recently to discuss possibly taking part in Star Wars: Episode VII. While the exact nature of the meeting is of course, unknown, the idea of Matt Smith bringing his witty exuberance to a Star Wars series that was way too stiff and stately in the prequels is enough reason to jump for joy. We can definitely imagine Smith as a wily Jedi Knight that cracks wise in a room full of his stuffy peers that take themselves a little too seriously. Even better than that,  Maybe the TARDIS can make a surprise visit to Mos Eisley. I can smell the fanfics being written as we speak.