Matthew McConaughey Gets NC-17 for Twisted ‘Killer Joe’

Matthew McConaugheyWhen you buy a ticket to a Matthew McConaughey movie, you expect a fair deal of shirtlessness. But beyond that, nothing too racy. McConaughey’s newest film, Killer Joe, is apparently taking a different angle: the pitch black film has been given an NC-17 rating.

McConaughey stars in Killer Joe as the titular character: a hired mercenary who takes on the job of murdering a young man named Chris Smith’s (Emile Hirsch) mother for the insurance money. In return, Chris pays Joe with his young sister Dottie (Juno Temple), whom McConaughey treats as a sex slave. It probably isn’t much of a head-scratcher why this movie has earned an NC-17 rating.
The film is riddled with instances that take the dark premise as far as writer Tracy Letts’ and director William Friedkin’s twisted imaginations will take it. The grim poster sets the sort of mood that we should expect from a film about a boy selling his sister to afford killing his mother for drug money. Oh, Emile. You used to be such a nice boy.
But don’t fret—McConaughey’s Killer Joe is in good company. Check out this list of the best NC-17 movies.
Source: Deadline