Matthew McConaughey Starring In ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey has been jumping back and forth between romantic comedies and dramas for years now, but he seems focused on taking more serious roles these days. Next week, he opens The Lincoln Lawyer, a gritty legal thriller that seems to be a step in the right direction (even though the film looks pretty bland), but he’s not just going back to the Failure To Launch’s of the world after branching out. In fact, The LA Times says that he’s next going to take on what could be his most risky role to date.

According to 24 Frames, McConaughey is helping the long-gestating Dallas Buyer’s Club find new life in Hollywood. He’ll play Ron Woodroof, a heterosexual Dallas electrician who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. Even though doctors gave him just six months to live, he refused to accept his mortality and spent his remaining years smuggling experimental medication (which eventually became illegal medication) into the country for as many AIDS patients as he could help. He wound up living six more years and saved or prolonged the lives of countless others.

Though this is the first new development I’ve heard of on The Dallas Buyer’s Club in a few years, it’s hardly a new project. Many big-name writers, directors and stars have tried get the topical tale off the ground, from Brad Pitt to Ryan Gosling to Babel scribe Guillermo Arriaga to director Craig Gillespie. Where they failed, McConaughey and director Jean Marc Vallee (The Young Victoria) hope to succeed.

“It’s not exactly the movie that studios are throwing money at these days,” McConaughey told the source, adding that “It’s a great script and a great story and I think it can be a great movie.” I’m a supporter of all films with social commentary, and this story sounds like one that could not only be gripping, but will test McConaughey’s range as an actor and push him to new extremes physically and emotionally. We know he looks good without a shirt; let’s see what happens when he pulls a Christian Bale and has to lose 40 pounds to play an AIDS patient.

Looking forward to seeing how The Dallas Buyer’s Club proceeds…

Source: 24 Frames