McCord Misses Out on ‘Twilight’ Sequel

Actress AnnaLynne McCord has lost out on playing human bait in the Twilight sequel — to Canadian supermodel Noot Seear.

The 90210 star had auditioned for the part of Heidi and recently revealed it was a dream role for her, but producers have chosen to give Seear, 25, a big break instead, according to

In a recent interview, McCord said, “I’d love to do it (the film). I’m obsessed with vampires.”

Seear’s only film role to date came in 2001 when she appeared opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. in Head Over Heels.

Her character in Twilight sequel New Moon lures humans to Volturi vampires, who feast on her offerings. Author Stephenie Meyer describes Heidi as possessing “exceptional, unforgettable beauty.”

It’s a double blow for McCord, who was hoping to team up with her actor boyfriend Kellan Lutz on the set of New Moon, which has just started shooting in Canada.

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