McG and Amanda Seyfried Unite To ‘Con The Ivy League’

McGSource: Production Weekly

In the wake of his bigger projects being stalled (20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Terminator 5) McG has been lining up new, more modestly budgeted films to direct.

Recently it was announced that he’d helm the long gestating action-comedy This Means War and today, Production Weekly reports that he’ll also direct Amanda Seyfried in an adaptation of the Rolling Stone article ‘The Girl Who Conned The Ivy League’.

The article tells the true story of how high school dropout Esther Reed created the ultimate fake ID, scammed her way into Harvard and Columbia, and became the target of a nationwide manhunt. You can read it all here.

Based on that logline, the film sounds close to a mix of 21, The Perfect Score and Catch Me If You Can – and with a hot commodity like Seyfried in the lead, it’s got out attention. 

No word on which will come first for McG, but we’ll keep you updated on these developing projects.