Meet Samuel L. Jackson’s Deadly ‘The Samaritan’ Opponent — EXCLUSIVE

ALTWhen he’s not rocking the eyepatch and assembling The Avengers as Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson continues to work his muthableepin’ magic on films of all shapes and sizes. His latest is The Samaritan, a crime thriller that puts Jackson in the role of a former grifter, Foley, who finds himself pushed back into the game by the son of his former partner. Considering he just spent twenty years in prison, swindling is really the last thing he wants to be doing, but as secrets are revealed, Foley realizes he has little choice but to return to his past occupation.

And who is the target? That would be Xavier, brought to life by another thespian with serious acting chops: Tom Wilkinson. As you’ll see from this exclusive clip from the movie, he may not be the ideal choice for Foley to cross.

The Samaritan is available on demand via SundanceNOW, Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, and XBox ZUNE but you can catch it in theaters on May 18th.

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