Megan Fox Joins Jon Hamm In ‘Friends With Kids’: Daily Dose Of Jealousy

Megan Fox(Of course, the hardest part of picking a picture for this post was just how much Megan Fox cleavage I wanted to show. Then I remembered I’m not an idiot.)

As a (pretend) journalist, I have a duty to follow the rules and regulations set forth by my benevolent editors at large. For the Daily Dose of Jealousy, I am only allowed to be jealous of a single entity. It’s not called the Daily Doses of Jealousy, that’s just silly. And yet, here I am, in a conundrum with no foreseeable solution.

Here’s the problem: Megan Fox has joined the cast of Jon Hamm’s new movie titled Friends with Kids. The writer/director/star of the film is Hamm’s partner (read: one of the luckiest women on the planet) Jennifer Westfeldt. The comedy revolves around a couple who notice their friends stressing out with kids, so they decide to have a baby and date other people. Kinda complicated, but that’s not the point.

What is the point is the cast. Westfeldt is the female lead in the couple that wants to make a baby. Her partner? The always awesome Adam Scott. Jon Hamm is the figure in another couple with a kid. His wife? Kristen Wiig. Guess who Adam Scott starts dating? Megan Fox. And there’s another couple that hasn’t even been cast yet and seeing as this film is basically cast through my dreams it will be Emma Watson and Jenna Fischer as a lesbian couple.

So you can see my hesitation. Who am I more jealous of? Adam Scott for getting to date Megan Fox? Megan Fox for getting to hang out with Adam Scott? Jon Hamm for just being Jon Hamm? Westfeldt for getting to direct this probably awesome film and, oh yeah, dating Jon Hamm? Kristen Wiig for being so damn funny? Can I impregnate a movie cause I think I found baby mamma.

Unless the movie sucks in which case I do not know this movie.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter