Megan Fox Will NOT Be In ‘Transformers 3’

Megan FoxSource: Deadline Hollywood

What goes around comes around…After bashing the film franchise that put her on the map and its superstar director, Megan Fox will not have the last laugh this time as Deadline Hollywood reports that Paramount Pictures has dropped her from their upcoming Transformers 3. Additionally, it has been said that the decision to axe her ultimately was up to director Michael Bay, who is wasting no time is sending her back to the mail room.

According to the trade, Bay and writer Ehren Kruger are finishing up the script for the threequel and “giving Shia (LaBeouf) a new love interest (that) makes more sense for the story,” says an insider close to the production. Bay will start casting immediately for the new female co-star.

Is it fair? Sure it is. After Fox starting bashing her director after 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen was released, a firestorm of negativity surrounded the 24 year old actress that just got worse when Jennifer’s Body, the film which gave her her first leading role, bombed. She knew what she was saying and what it meant for her prospects of continuing on in the franchise, so it’s her own damn fault. Will it affect the film’s performance? Not a chance in hell. The joke’s on you, Ms. Fox. You’d better hope that Jonah Hex performs…