Melissa McCarthy to Write and Star in ‘The Help’ Director’s ‘Tammy’

Melissa McCarthyAfter Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy’s notoriety in the film world exploded. Since the hit comedy film, the actress has hosted Saturday Night Live and has been in talks for several projects, including Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up sequel This is Forty, a comedy opposite Jason Bateman, and a new sitcom. The latest in McCarthy news: a film called Tammy, which will be directed by Tate Taylor, who also directed this summer’s The Help.

Tammy, written by McCarthy herself and her husband Ben Falcone (who played her air marshal love interest in Bridesmaids), centers around a woman who undergoes a series of unlucky turns, including losing her waitressing job and finding out her husband is cheating on her. Fed up, Tammy takes to the road with her wily, alcoholic grandmother for a journey of comical life-changery.

Taylor’s dramatic The Help won large audiences and a good amount of praise, but his first attempt at feature directing, the comedy Pretty Ugly People, wasn’t as well-received. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Taylor can’t do comedy; in fact, the teaming with McCarthy is already boding quite well for this film’s reputation.

Many of us will be glad to see McCarthy headlining a film. Her work on the script is even more exciting. We don’t know much about Tammy yet, but everything we do know is all positive.

Source: THR