Meryl Streep Did What? ‘Hope Springs’ and Other Senior Love Scenes


Meryl Streep may be no spring chicken these days (not that that should matter, because she’s Meryl. F**king. Streep.). But the Oscar-winning actress is hardly a chicken when it comes to wanting to spice up her love life after years of marriage with her seemingly disinterested husband (played by Tommy Lee Jones) in the new romantic dramedy Hope Springs. In one particularly memorable love scene, the fearless Streep, well, pulls an Alanis on Jones in a movie theater. 

Of course, Meryl and Tommy are hardly the only on-screen couple from the AARP set to go at it. From Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand as the randy Fockers to Kim Cattrall‘s ageless libido in Sex and the City 2 to Jack Nicholson and, well, just about every lovely older actress in Hollywood, we look back at some of the best retirement-age romances. Just because they’re over the hill doesn’t mean they’re out of the sack. 

Hope Springs is currently in theaters. 
[Photo credit: Columbia Pictures] 


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