MGM Wants Chris Pine For ‘Robocop’ Reboot

chris pineThis will never happen, but its making the rounds anyway. Apparently MGM wants Chris Pine for their Robocop reboot because he’s a young actor that people generally have positive feelings toward. But it’s not going to happen.

A) He’s attached to the Star Trek sequel that will more than likely be pushed back to 2013, getting in the way of filming Robocop.

B) He’s attached to play Jack Ryan in that reboot. Speaking as a good looking guy, Pine won’t want to have his face covered most of the time when he could play a spy in an equally action-filled movie.

C) He’s just the wrong person for the part. He’s too animated, Robocop needs someone more stoic but still able to get across the right emotions.

Nice try MGM. You’re at least in the right ballpark with this casting. Might we suggest Paul Walker? They’re obviously trying to skew younger and the cars out acted him in Fast Five. Plus, they could probably buy him for a dollar.

Source: Twitch Film