Mia Wasisomething Joins Olivier Assaywhat’s Movie We’re Having Trouble Pronouncing

Mia Wasikowska

You’re going to need a translator to crack through this bit of entertainment news: In the least pronounceable announcement of the day, Mia Wasikowska has reportedly signed on to Olivier Assayas’ developing film Sils Maria. And yes, feel free to take a few moments to recover from that sentence before reading on.

Ion Cinema reports that the 23-year-old actress, who won notability after Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland remake, will be joining Juliette Binoche (whose name is no picnic itself — is that a long o? A hard ch?) in the French director’s English-language film, which will be shot in the alpine regions of Germany and Switzerland. The story lands Wasikowska the role of actress Maria Enders’ (Binoche) assistant in an introspective story about the later years of Binche’s characers life and career.

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You might recall (though still not be able to say) Assayas’ name from projects like the triptych film CarlosDemonlover and the anthology film Paris, je t’aime. Sils Maria will mark the fifth film on which Assayas and Binoche and collaborated.

So who else might this project attract? Guest director Michel Hazanavicius? Supporting star Djimon Hounsou? Young actress Quvenzhane Wallis? We await box office numbers from our esteemed colleague Paul Dergarabedian.

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