Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan and Others Considered to Direct ‘The Twilight Zone’ Movie

Christopher NolanYou are traveling through another dimension; a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of superfluous explosions and chase scenes. This is because you have entered The Twilight Zone…as directed by Michael Bay.

As of now, this reality is exclusive to the bounds of The Twilight Zone itself…but it could pervade into reality.

Warner Bros. is searching for a director for a developing Twilight Zone movie project, and their setting their sights high. Although Bay isn’t exactly known for the cerebral, introspective storytelling that is The Twilight Zone‘s M.O., there’s no arguing with the fact that the man can draw a crowd.

However, there are other big names, and potentially better fits for the project. Christopher Nolan, who I’d agree to let direct my life, is also a high choice. Nolan’s intriguing vision, as we’ve seen in the realms of Batman, magicians and unconscious B&Es, would be perfect for a Twilight Zone movie.

Another good choice: Alfonso Cuarón, director of Y Tu Mama También and Children of Men. Cuarón’s versatility is inspired; he might be able to do wonders with a Twilight Zone movie.

Others that have been mentioned for the position: David Yates, who won the world over with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Rupert Wyatt, whose Rise of the Planet of the Apes was one of the most fun and interesting movies of the summer.

All in all, pretty good list. But who will it be? What other choices might arise? Charlie Kaufman (the Twilight Zone is the real world, which is the Twilight Zone!)? Spike Lee (the Twilight Zone is oppressive)? Robert Zemeckis (the happiest, most magical Twilight Zone you could ever imagine)? Who would you choose?

Source: Variety