Wheelchair-Bound Michael Cera Looks for Love in Extremely Weird ‘Gregory Go Boom’ — VIDEO

Credit: Youtube

In his new short film, Gregory Go Boom, Michael Cera is a paraplegic who just wants to be loved. Filmed for YouTube’s Comedy Week, Gregory Go Boom is the latest project from JASH, the YouTube channel Cera co-founded with Reggie Watts, Tim & Eric, and Sarah Silverman. It is written and directed by Janicza Bravo and also features Sarah Burns and Brett Gelman.

At first you might think this is just your average quirky, indie romance. Cera’s character is on a quest for romantic affection, and he won’t be held back by the constraints of his wheelchair. But towards the end, things get… strange. I won’t say any more — just trust me when I say you should watch this.

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