Michael Clarke Duncan To Voice Kilowag In ‘Green Lantern?’

Michael Clarke DuncanFor a man with three first names, Michael Clarke Duncan is incredibly intimidating. What first names have to do with intimidation is beyond me, I just know it to be true (who are you more like to be afraid of: someone named Arnold or someone named Schwarzenneggar? Point = proven).

Anyway, apparently MCD is in talks to voice Kilowag in Green Lantern. In case you don’t know, oh who am I kidding you know this, Kilowag is one of the Lantern trainers from the Bolovax Vik planet in Space sector 674. But you knew that already. Of course you did. You were also aware that he was a gifted genetic scientist and even though he was able to save all the spirits from his home planet before it was destroyed, after he repopulated another planet with his people the planet was blown to bits by Sinestro. Duh. He’s also this giant hulking beast of a person and considering MCD is a giant beast of a person, well, if the shoe fits…

My only hesitation with this casting is that the film is three months away from getting released and they’re just NOW getting to casting a main role? Oh yeah and IMDb lists Dennis Haysbert as the voice of Kilowag. There’s nothing to say that they won’t recast the par, but I’m saying I really like MCD and Haysbert makes me want to buy insurance. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Latino Review