Michael Clarke Duncan To Voice Kilowog In ‘Green Lantern’

Michael Clarke DuncanAfter Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush signed on to lend his voice to Tomar Re in Warner Bros. Green Lantern, it became clear that the stars were seriously lining up to take part in the epic space adventure. Today, Michael Clarke Duncan, who had long been rumored to take on the role of fan-favorite Kilowog in the film, has entered final negotiations to join the production as the GL Corps. biggest and baddest brute.

The character is the primary battle trainer of the Corps.; a drill sergeant of sorts, but also a seasoned warrior and good friend to Hal Jordan after he rises to become one of the greatest Green Lantern’s of all. He’s one of a few completely CG-rendered characters that will require voice work; the others being Tomar Re, The Guardians of the Universe and others that I’m not at liberty to talk about yet 🙂

Though Duncan is a near-perfect choice for the character, I always imagined his voice to be a bit more gravelly. The depth of his vocals is a great match, but I’d love to combine his audio track with Michael Madsen’s, who portrayed Kilowog in the 2009 animated film Green Lantern: First Flight. If the ADR folks working on the film could mix both of their voices, I’d be totally ecstatic, but as that’s not an option I’ve got no problem settling for Duncan alone.

Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17th.

Source: THR, Latino Review