Michael Fassbender to Play the Hottest ‘Macbeth’ Ever

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For a play allegedly branded with a 500-year-old fatal curse, there have been a whole lot of versions of Macbeth to hit the theater of cinema over the course of entertainment history. Hollywood has cranked out a ton of its own incarnations of “The Scottish Play,” ranging from Orson Welles’ 1948 vision, to Roman Polanski’s ’71 horror drama, to the comedic re-imagining Christopher Walken-starrer Scotland, Pa. And newly stacked onto the long, perpetually growing list: a Justin Kurzel (Snowtown)-directed adaptation of Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender as the titular character.

Each entry has sought to contribute something new to William Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, with Polanski injecting his patented zest for horror, Walken adding a dose of humor, and the New York immersive theater performance Sleep No More delivering a haunting and visceral experience for all willing patrons. So what will Michael Fassbender bring to the play? Among other things, hotness.

The new project, which Screen Daily reports is being produced by See Saw Films (the company behind Fassbender’s Shame), involves a script by Marc Pease Experience writers Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff, which will borrow from the 11th Century English dialect and provide “a visceral approach to the story including significant battle scenes.”

Which, as many fans of Fassy likely hope, will involve grappling, running, any sort of spotlit physically demanding activity from the expertly sculpted Prometheus star. While spellbinding witchcraft, decadent ploys of ambition and betrayal, tumultuous guilt, and forest armies are all pretty big sells in a viewing of your typical Macbeth update, this one can bank solely on the jaw of its smooth antihero.

Hey, that’s how Richard Burbage got the part, too.

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