Michael Hoffman Takes A ‘Gambit’

Gambit Film PosterOh man, oh man, oh man, I had no idea they were making a Gambit movie but this is seriously some great and unexpected news. Remy LeBeau (a.k.a. Gambit for you non-nerds) is easily one of the coolest characters from the X-Men and his treatment in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was atrocious. He’s a smooth talking southern gentleman who has a flare for throwing flaming cards that explode, I mean how does that not sound like the best superhero ever?

Also, apparently the Coen brothers wrote the script for this movie? Sweee…

Wait. Hold on. This is a remake of Gambit, an Oscar nominated British heist comedy that starred Michael Caine and the award winning siblings are producing a do-over with Michael Hoffman at the helm. Really? The guy who directed The Last Station and One Fine Day? The Coens still wrote it thought, right? They did. Ok, cool. So it’s not a superhero movie but a crime comedy. Ehh, ok. I’ll take it.

Whoa, actually this sounds really cool and like Memento, in that the story is told in reverse. The original was marketed around this twist and the ending was pretty funny at the time. I make the distinction about it being funny at the time because lets be honest, you’ve spent plenty of time watching movies your dad swore up and down were “hilarious” and yet you never laughed once. Humor evolves over time, but with the Coen’s behind this update, I’m very much excited for it.

Source: Deadline