Michael Keaton Is Directing Indie ‘Buttercup’

Michael KeatonNot long ago, we heard that Michael Keaton would be replacing Hugh Laurie as the diabolical villain in the upcoming RoboCop movie. And we cheered — nothing against Dr. House, but there’s very little in this world that beats a good Michael Keaton performance. The prolific actor is yet again reported to be taking over a previously filled spot on a developing project, but this time, it’s behind the camera: Variety reveals that Keaton will be directing the dramedy Buttercup.

Keaton is the third director to take Buttercup on board. Sarah Polley, the creative force behind romantic dramas like Take This Waltz and Away from Her, was once attached, followed by Whale Rider writer/director Niki Caro. In 2008, Keaton directed and starred in The Merry Gentleman, in which an abused woman strikes up a friendship with a depressed criminal.

Buttercup will follow the relationship between a young woman and her alcoholic father. No word yet on whether Keaton will star in the picture… but we sure hope so.

[Photo Credit: WENN]


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