Michael Keaton Is the New ‘RoboCop’ Villain

Michael KeatonAs a whole, mankind has not done enough to celebrate the glory that is Michael Keaton. An Oscar would be a good start. A Washington D.C.-based monument would be a little more on the nose. In 1989, Keaton (known primarily as a comedy actor) proved his aptitude with the dramatic in Tim Burton’s film Batman, for which the actor has earned lasting praise. The genre that proved his versatility will again come into play: Justin Kroll of Variety has revealed that Keaton is taking on the villain role in the upcoming RoboCop movie.

The role was originally handed to Hugh Laurie, star of House, but he has since dropped out for undisclosed reasons. Keaton is sure to revive his nefarious Beetlejuice villainy with some of his Bruce Wayne severity, and perhaps a bit of his The Other Guys not-knowing-what-TLC-is-ity. But that last one is more of a stretch.

Keaton joins fellow Joel Kinnaman (the star), Gary Oldman, and Samuel L. Jackson in the anticipated picture.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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