Michael Mann May Partner With Sheldon Turner for ‘Big Tuna’

Sheldon TurnerAfter drumming up awards, box office earnings and a healthy helping of buzz with last year’s Up In The Air, Sheldon Turner is signing up to write his next big project to potentially be directed by crime action guru Michael Mann.

The film, called Big Tuna, is not about The Office’s Jim Halpert’s turn towards the criminal life, but rather a biopic following the life of Chicago mob boss Tony Accardo and his successor, San Giancana.

While Turner is coming off of huge success, Mann’s plate is a little cooler; his last film, Public Enemies, didn’t quite hit the high mark his fans had expected. Perhaps this project could offer a bit of redemption? Mann is also juggling a few other options for his return to the director’s chair, including two other historical dramas that stray way from the crime genre; a film set in medieval times that follows the battle of Agincourt and another that tells the story of WWII photog Robert Capa, so it looks like he’ll have plenty of chances to polish up his star power a bit if this one doesn’t stick.

Source: Coming Soon