Michael Mann Will Helm ‘Go Like Hell’

Michael MannRacing movies aren’t all about inspirational horses or buff young guys with souped up Honda Civics and knack for pissing off the cops or beer-loving, overblown NASCAR stereotypes. There are some stories that have just a little more depth and gravity, and one of those stories is about to get the Michael Mann treatment. Go Like Hell is the story of how an American car-maker, Ford, was able to break into the European sports car market. 

The film will be based off of A.J. Baime’s book and follows Henry Ford II as he enlists the help of engineer Lee Iacocca and driver and auto designer Caroll Shelby to create one of the most well-known and respected vehicles in automotive history, the Ford GT40. The trio then took their triumph to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the oldest sports car race ever, where they became the first Americans ever to win the European endurance race. It seems like a perfect fit for Mann, except that it has nothing to do with crime, guns or fighting. But in all seriousness, racing has become such a cliche that handing the film to a director like Mann is a great call. We can depend on him to lend a sense of gravity to the story without stripping it of high-octane scenes like the end, which is sure to be an intense racing sequence.

As for casting, word has it that Mann has his eye on Brad Pitt for the lead, but no real offers or decisions have been made.

Source: Variety