Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain Drama ‘Take Shelter’ Bought By SPC

Michael ShannonHey, Boardwalk Empire fans — listen up!

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Classics has just purchased the North American and Latin American, and Australian and New Zealand rights to Take Shelter, a new drama directed by Jeff Nichols that stars Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon.

Apparently, Take Shelter treads a line similar to everybody’s current favorite critically-acclaimed drama, Black Swan. The film follows a man’s descent into insanity as he builds a storm shelter in his yard to protect himself from the apocalyptic cloud he believes will engulf his town. Sounds crazy, eh? Yeah, we think so too. But really, there’s no better actor than Shannon to handle this role. After all, in BE, he plays that crazy-ass FBI agent who not only drowns dudes during baptisms but also beats the absolute piss out of his wife. Oh yeah, and he had that little Oscar-nominated role in Revolutionary Road in which he played a formerly institutionalized nut job who encourages the destruction of a marriage. Psh, apocalyptic cloud-schmoud!

 Anyway, the film debuts in Sundance’s dramatic competition and will probably confuse people so much that they’ll like it.

Source: Deadline