Michelle Rodriguez, Milla Jovovich and Others in for New ‘Resident Evil’ Movie

Michelle RodriguezNow that there’s a new Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Retribution in the making, it’s time that we consider a few things.

The most notable aspect of this new movie is the reintroduction of Michelle Rodriguez, who has not been in a Resident Evil since the first installment…when she was killed. Now, some might be excited about this universe’s ability to revive its dead characters (I guess that’s all part of the territory of zombies). However, questions are begged: does this do a disservice to the story? And, more importantly, does it do a disservice to the severity of the message of Resident Evil—does it undermine anything, or everything, that Resident Evil could have taught us?

Resident Evil began, as most things do, as a video game. It explored the depths to which humanity was willing to fall in order to maintain self-preservation. It captured an American society at the height of its degradation like no other work of art ever has. It changed us. And then, we changed it.

We made it a movie—and then another movie, and another. There were never enough Resident Evil movies. There never will be. Another is on its way, and it’s about time we ask, “Are we really embracing the values that Resident Evil strove so ardently to imbue? Or are we just getting a kick out of cronking zombie skulls?”

It’s a question far more important than we realize. When we stop understanding the value of the human experience, and start only working at a level of appreciation of face-value instant-gratification hedonism, then we are no better than the zombies we love skull-cronking. In fact, we’re eerily similar to them.

So we implore you, upcoming Resident Evil film, and upcoming Resident Evil film cast members Rodriguez, Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon (also previously killed) and Boris Kodjoe, understand what’s underneath. Embrace why this story is important, and how it can help its audiences appreciate what is important in their own lives.

Do it, please. Or else, consider all of our zombie skulls cronked.

Source: Indiewire