Mickey Mouse, the Movie?

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie ClassicIt’s still in its infancy, but the possibility of a full-length Mickey Mouse movie is on the horizon. In a recent interview, Disney animator Burny Mattinson dropped a bit of intel about the work he’s doing to create a “Mickey, Donald, Goofy full feature idea.” The idea is still new and isn’t yet a go for Disney higher-ups, but it seems that Mattinson is pushing for a return to the classic Disney characters.

For years, we’ve only seen them in cartoon renditions of classic tales like a Christmas Carol or Disney Channel cartoons and as the faces of so many Disneyland souvenirs. They’ve also cleaned up their acts since the old days — go back and watch Steamboat Willie and you’ll see what a rascal Mickey used to be. As the A.V. Club’s Sean O’Neal points out, we’ve seen the return of this darker Mickey with the new video game, Epic Mickey. It’s pure speculation at this point, but that game could be the sign of a shift towards truly classic, ornery Mickey. And if Disney does decide to move forward with a Mickey feature, they’d have to tap into that side of the cartoon icon or we’d get one hell of a boring movie. I love Mickey as much as the next Disney kid, but feature protagonists need to be a little deeper and dare I say it, darker, than the theme-park friendly version of the mouse we now know. On that same token, Mattinson has been around for a good long while, so I’d trust him to helm something this difficult and do it right. It’s one of the toughest Disney subjects to tackle because to be completely honest, if it’s not completely perfect, it won’t work at all.

Source: Bleeding Cool via AV Club