Mike White Out Of ‘Pride & Prejudice & Zombies’

Mike WhiteJust when I thought this film was gaining steam and actually going into production, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is once again without a director. Mike White, who I thought would have handled the script incredibly well, had to leave the film after scheduling conflicts with HBO that could not be reconciled. At HBO, White is developing Enlightened with Laura Dern. He is also scheduled to appear once again on The Amazing Race with his dad (awwwwww.)

This is the second director to drop out of the troubled production. David O Russell was originally attached but left (thankfully), though he did leave behind his strong script. Original star Natalie Portman also jumped ship recently, though she remains on board as a producer. Lionsgate is now casting its net looking for a new filmmaker to take the reigns. I happen to know someone who would do it on the cheap *cough cough me cough cough.* Sorry, but I’m just saying.

Source: Vulture