Mila Kunis Traveling To ‘Oz’

Mila KunisWell it looks like Oz has gotten its little pretty… and her dog too! And that’s the only Wizard of Oz line I shall shoe into this article. Basically Mila Kunis was up for parts in two very big movies. The first is the imagined prequel to the Wizard of Oz called Oz starring James Franco as the wizard. The other was an adaptation of the classic manga Akira from director Albert Hughes, interestingly enough both Franco and Kunis were up for parts in this. And it seems like Kunis chose her side — she’ll be traveling to Oz as Theodorah, the witch that eventually goes on to be the Wicked Witch of the West. And even more interesting, Kunis’ decision solidified Franco’s involvement in the project as well.

Now what do I think? Doesn’t matter. Mila Kunis is a gorgeous woman and extremely talented. I’m all for whatever gives her more screen time. It sounds like Akira is facing a lot of trouble finding talent, and while I wish it the best, I’m pretty excited to see Kunis painted up in green. It’s like all my fantasies come true. No, you shut up, your fantasies are weird.

Source: Vulture