Miley Cyrus Goes Wild in New ‘LOL’ Trailer

miley cyrusGrowing up is never easy, especially in this day and age when social media reigns supreme. But like it or not, everyone has to suffer through high school and all the drama that goes with it, which is exactly what the film LOL sets out to focus on. The trailer, which was released online today, centers around Lola (played by Miley Cyrus), who is struggling to deal with the bittersweet joys of teenage romance along with the usual peer pressures that come with being in high school. Looking for the next inspirational coming of age story? Then this movie should be right up your alley.

And no teenage angst film would be completely without an overbearing parental figure, played by none other than Demi Moore. Overbearing with no respect for her daughter’s privacy, Moore is the exact opposite to Cyrus’ wild-child character. But as mother and daughter struggle to find common ground, they ultimately end up figuring out their own identities along the way. Yes, LOL has all the ingredients necessary to evoke teenage nostalgia, while also secretly making you remember why you’re glad those years are behind you (well, for some of us).

LOL hits theaters later this year.

Source: YouTube