‘Mis-Fits’ Get A Cast

Guy PearceA bunch of people joined up to become a group of Mis-Fits. Yes, it hurt me to write that too. Guy Pearce, Catalina Moreno, Cloris Leachman, Virginie Ledoyen, and Vincent Cassel will all appear in L.D. Napier’s directorial debut Mis-Fits. Napier also penned the script which is about a “necro-detective.” And for those who don’t know the definition of made up words, a necro-detective is someone who searches for dead people. Which really puts a limit on the places they could be. But at least the subjects can’t run from the detective, right?

Anyway, the producer, Doug Claybourne, calls it “a wacky comedy in the vein of Harold and Maude.”

*face palm*

First off, good for you dude for getting this pretty sweet cast. Cassel is a fantastic French actor (see Mesrine part I and II, they’re in French but it won’t kill you) and Leachman is arguably funnier than Betty White. More foul mouthed, at least. And Guy Pearce is one of those actors that I hear a lot about but, I guess is good?

But come on Claybourne! Harold and Maude – wacky? Wacky!? Harold and Maude is not wacky. Wacky is the Three Stooges, cartoons, and larger than life characters. Harold and Maude is about an abnormal relationship but nothing is too far out from being realistic. Quirky might have been the word you were looking for, but I understand your reluctance to use that word for it gets tossed around too much as it is. If you’re going to compare it to a classic at least pretend like you know what the classic is about.

However, he should get some credit for comparing it to a classic at least. Some producers would have you believe every comedy coming out in the next two years is either The Hangover or 500 Days of Summer.

Source: Hollywood Reporter