‘Missile Command’ Coming To The Big Screen

Missile CommandLook, Fox, I understand the concept of branding. I know that selling a movie is easier if your audience already has a notion of what a certain film is about, but why on Earth would you license Missile Command from Atari?

I know video games are popular, 80s nostalgia is in full swing and the two combined are a profitable force to be reckoned with – but Missile Command? Couldn’t you at least find something with a little plot to it? I mean hell, even the original Mario Bros. had depth to it. In Missile Command, you just shoot things out of the sky and it’s not even that much fun! I guess if Universal is adapting Battleship and DreamWorks is willing to make a View-Masters movie anything is possible.

Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama have been tapped to infuse this lifeless corpse of an interactive experience with structure, plot, characters and basic relevancy. Poor guys. I mean, aren’t there better games out there? Why hasn’t there been a Legend of Zelda game? You already have characters, plot and a built in fan base. And if Lord of the Rings can win a best picture Oscar, your arguments about the fantasy genre are null and void.

Guys, if you’re going to do this whole branding thing, at least do it right.

Source: Variety