‘Mission: Impossible’ Blu: Pull Back the Mask on the Masks — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Mission ImpossibleMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol comes to Blu-ray/DVD on April 17. For those fans out there who are interested in becoming secret agents on their own accord, there’s a special feature that might catch your interest: mask-making.

The below clip from the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Blu-ray feature “Life Masks” shows the technology behind the creation of the masks seen in the most recent of Ethan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) big screen adventures.

As you’ll learn in the below video, the mask-making team kicked it up a notch since Mission: Impossible 3. Back then, you could only make one mask at a time. But in this new era of impossible missions, no mission is impossible. Even the mission of making two masks at once. Amazingly, the technology isn’t that far off from from what the real spies are using. At an event in Washington D.C.’s International Spy Museum, former CIA agent Jonna Hiestand Mendez explained to reporter Matt Patches that “bioimaging” is used by agents in the field to create highly detailed disguises. Like artists utilize 3D printing, spies can utilize the technology to pull off Ethan Hunt-style switcheroos. Pretty impressive.

Check out the exclusive featurette for more:


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