Is ‘Monsters University’ Just ‘Animal House’? 11 Movies That Lent Their Plots to Pixar Films

Credit: Pixar; Universal Pictures

As we gear up for the latest Pixar installation, Monsters University, we recall our own experiences on the college campus. Game-changing parties, vengeful deans, life-affirming frat hijinks. And since none of those things actually happened in real life, we soon come to the realization that we’re actually thinking about Animal House. yes, the John Landis comedy that set the precedent for all college films thereafter… Monsters University included. Even though it’s a children’s movie, the Monsters, Inc. sequel takes a few pages from the Delta House book, churning out a very similar story indeed.

But Monsters University isn’t the only Pixar flick to remind us of another classic live-action feature. With movies ranging from sweeping science-fiction (WALL-E) to road trip movies (Finding Nemo) to stories of artistic self-discovery (Ratatouille), Pixar touches upon enough genres to boast similarities to some of the greatest films in cinema history. Check out our gallery to see which movies lent particular inspiration to the animated tour de force that is Pixar.

Pixar Movies and Their Non-Pixar Equivalents

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