Monty Python (Minus Eric Idle) and Robin Williams Team for ‘Absolutely Anything’

Eric IdleDamnit Eric Idle! Why do you have to keep being the one holdout on all of these terrific opportunities for Monty Python reunions? Don’t you understand peer pressure? Don’t you value conformity?

To stress the idea of Idle as the holdout as the focal point of this story is to overlook the glorious news that it really is: there is a tentative reunion of all living, non-Idle Pythons (that’s Terry Jones, John CleeseTerry Gilliam and Michael Palin) for a partially animated film Absolutely Anything, directed by Jones. Also, Robin Williams plays a talking dog. Those are the wonderful factors to which the greater attention should be paid. But somehow, I can’t get past this “Eric Idle really doesn’t want to hang out anymore” thing.

The group’s developing film adaptation of late Python Graham Chapman’s memoir, A Liar’s Autobiography, is also still notable for its Idle holdout. However, in both cases, the group is reportedly trying to bring Idle in. Come on, Eric. We need you. The world needs you.

Absolutely Anything sounds like a very funny, very silly, very Pythony movie. The story surrounds a group of aliens, to be voiced by the Pythons, who bestow unto a single human man complete, unwavering superhuman powers. The power to do “absolutely anything.” And they do this just to see what he’ll make of it. Also, Robin Williams plays a talking dog.

As good a bit of news this is with Idle or without, it would be perfect if he were on board. The living members of the group have not all been involved in one project since The Meaning of Life, and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking these long years sans Python a tragedy. Absolutely Anything wouldn’t just be a fun reunion. It’d be a sign of things to come. Hope for the future. The belief that we as human citizens can attain the unmitigated joy our world once knew. Things can be like they were. Things can be better. Things can be perfect. It’s up to you to make them perfect, Mr. Idle. Don’t let us down.

Also, Robin Williams plays a talking dog.

Source: Variety