More Batman!: ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ Animated Trailer Unleashed

The Dark Knight ReturnsYes, Christopher Nolan, we know. You’re not making anymore Batman movies. But that doesn’t mean the best of Batman has come and gone. We’ve seen The Dark Knight. We’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises. And now, we can see The Dark Knight Returnsan adaptation from DC Animation of the titular four-issue comic book by Frank Miller.

The story, published in 1986, features a band of mutants that rises up to terrorize Gotham (interestingly, the central figure in this movement is a hulking, masked monster… sounds similar to another famed Batman enemy). Additionally, familiar baddies like the Joker and Two-Face play roles, while Batman is assisted by Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, and a young woman named Carrie Kelly who dons the identity of Robin. Selina Kyle also does her usual “grey area” shtick.

Much like Nolan’s TDKR, Returns features Bruce Wayne returning to the aid of Gotham to defeat the tyrannical mutants after an extended leave of absence. However, Returns also involves other DC Comics heroes, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow.

The Dark Knight Returns will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on September 25. Check out the new trailer:


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