More ‘Green Lantern’ Footage From WonderCon!

Apparently WonderCon is an event that draws enough of a crowd that Warner Bros. decided to unload some Green Lantern footage on the audience. The lucky attendees got about 4 minutes worth of new material that shows a lot more of the intergalactic action stuff less of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

I’ll have to say, it looks a lot better than the original trailer. Granted, I figured it would be but it’s always nice to have your assumptions confirmed (no thanks to you, MOM). My only problem? Somehow Reynold’s fully-rendered CGI costume got WORSE. I understand that the filmmakers would want him in a digital suit since he’s going to be flying around so much and a real suit would really stick out in a completely digital environment (like Oa), but couldn’t they at least make the suit resemble his body in the slightest? It’s really weird to see him go from his full, real-life body to this scrawny CGI… thing… that they call a super hero. Looks like we’re just going to have to settle down in this uncanny valley for a while folks. At least we have Geoffrey Rush as a walking talking fish to entertain us.

Four minute WonderCon footage:

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Source: ComingSoon