More ‘Hunger Games’ Horror: Josh Hutcherson’s ‘Detention’ Trailer

What at is it about YA series stars and horror flicks? First, Daniel Radcliffe chooses The Woman in Black as one of his first post-Potter projects, then The Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence helms House at the End of the Street, and now co-star Josh Hutcherson stars in Detention. Are all three actors are hoping to frighten audiences into admitting they can do more than play teen fantasy roles?

Judging from the newly-released Detention trailer, Hutcherson is also hoping to prove he can pull off dark comedy. While Lawrence is doing straight-up horror, Hutcherson’s film looks more like Scream meets The Breakfast Club.

While the lovelorn teen bit (not to mention kids getting hacked to bits) screams “Peeta,” the sunglasses and skateboarding say Clapton Davis is a far cry from the boy with the bread. Detention hits theaters on April 13th.