Morgan Freeman Leads the Human Resistance with Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’

Morgan FreemanEven if you are the last person on Earth, Morgan Freeman will be there. It might make no sense to you now, but just wait. Three hundred and sixteen days left until it all comes to an end…

But in more important news, Morgan Freeman is joining the cast of Joseph Kosinski’s apocalyptic film that has been referred to in recent months as both Oblivion and HorizonsCurrently starring in the mysteriously titled project is Tom Cruise, playing a character who was previously described as the last member of humankind left on our post-apocalyptic planet.

It is now understrood that Cruise will be among a fleet of humans left on Earth, some of whom make up the Human Resistance against the hostile alien invaders. And leading this resistance will be Malcolm Beech, played by Freeman.

Cruise’s character will be kind of like a human WALL-E; he stayed behind (as the rest of humanity presumably blasted off into oblivion/the horizon) to repair automatic battleships that were created to take down the menacing alien race that has overtaken the planet. Whether he starts out as part of Beech’s Human Resistance or not, we can assume that he’ll become in some way involved with the cause in a more active way than performing repairs.

Source: Deadline, Jeff Sneider