Most Survivors Will Be Back For ‘Piranha 3DD’

paul scheerWere you worried that the sequel to Piranha 3D would lose all the integrity and heart that made the remake of the B-movie so enjoyable? Afraid they were going to gut everything that made it so fun and try to shoehorn in a message about the environment and, horror of horrors, not include any boobies?

Fear not. Most of the cast that survived will be back for second gulpings and yeah, it’s going to be gory.

Ving Rhames, Christopher Llyod, and Paul Scheer are all signed on to reprise their roles in the sequel. And guess what? This time, the fish have invaded a water park. Though I’m not exactly sure how they’ll be able to rope these three characters, who were part of three very different circles in the first film, into the same water park on the same day, I remember this is a movie called Piranha 3DD with Gary Busey in it. Asking questions like that is beside the point.

Source: EW