Movie Bosses End Batman Casting Rumors

Hollywood bosses have stepped in to silence speculation about the next Batman movie — insisting there isn’t even a script yet for the superhero sequel.

Rumors about the planned follow-up to The Dark Knight have been plentiful ever since the blockbuster hit theaters in 2008.

Internet gossip sites have been rife with reports about the possible addition of feline femme fatale Catwoman to the next picture in Christopher Nolan‘s film franchise, with a British tabloid reporting over the weekend that Megan Fox is in negotiations to take the coveted role.

Angelina Jolie, Cher and Kate Beckinsale have also been linked to the part, while Shia LaBeoufJohnny Depp and Eddie Murphy have also been in rumored negotiations concerning the movie.

Film chiefs have confirmed they do want to shoot another Batman movie, but they are adamant that the project is in the very early stages and producers haven’t even discussed casting yet.

A representative for the Warner Bros. film studio tells, “It’s rumor. It’s not true. There is no script. There is no project to be cast in.”

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